Athletic Movement

Enjoy the best of
professionally programmed workouts tailored to your fitness needs… 

At CrossFit AM, your membership includes professionally programmed workouts that are tailored specifically to your fitness capability. In each class, you are guided by our supportive, highly qualified coaches, to ensure you are learning in a safe controlled environment, as you are assisted with one-on-one help whenever you need it, during classes.



Unlimited Membership

When you become a member of the AM community, you get unlimited access to our classes, open gym times, and specialty classes. Each class is relevant to your fitness level, and you’ll have a lot of fun and be encouraged throughout the entire process…

Our Program

Designed by our expert coaches,
our classes combine elements of; cardio, strength, gymnastics, agility, balance, and more …
CrossFit AM classes cater to all individuals no matter what age or fitness level …
We want to know about you! What are your health and fitness goals? We will create a plan of action and discuss how our program at Crossfit AM is adaptable to any person regardless of their current fitness level.

Wodify App

Download Wodify in the App Store.
Wodify was designed to help you:
• Log into class;
• See the workout for the day;
• Check your performance history;
• Enter your scores; View the Leaderboard;
• Get your Nutritional Journal – get it reviewed by a coach.
• Progress charts;
• Hit more PRs.
Keeping a record of past performance serves as great motivation to keep coming back and pushing yourself further. We look forward to seeing your results!


CrossFit is a lifestyle combination of
diet and exercise it is, the key to fitness and long-term health.
To accomplish your goals faster, we recommend you,
“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat”…
Throughout your journey it is our goal, to teach you the basics about nutrition, as we focus on wholefoods.

Enjoy the best of 

Keeping a record of past performance serves as great motivation to keep coming back and pushing yourself further.
We look forward to seeing your results!

Here on a holiday, or dropping in for work?

On a holiday or away from work? Come join in on a day pass or even better, stay for the week…
Suitable for holiday goers / or away for work

drop in session 




Frequently asked questions ?

We are prestige CrossFit affiliate, who strive to make there members feel the best they have ever felt. Come see what sets us from your ‘typical gym’…

Do I have to be fit to start? 

Absolutely NOT! That is the point in joining, our aim is make you become the fittest you have ever been.
Each class is designed for all fitness levels and ages, and are scaled back to everyone’s needs and abilities.
Our highly qualified coaches are here to guide and support you on your journey.

How big are the classes?

We keep our groups small enough that we can, provide quality coaching and programming to our members. We strive ourselves on building a supportive community and providing a controlled safe environment for all our members.
Our classes at 15 per session to ensure you get the attention you need and deserve.

Drop in sessions?

If you are an experienced CrossFitter who is travelling from out of town then we would love to host you. Please view our prices above, on day pass and week pass.
Please email us in
To pre-book your spot.
We take cash and eftpos payments.

Why is your membership more expensive then a ‘typical gym’ ?

If you are not familiar with CrossFit AM. We are not your regular gym, or ‘anytime fitness’. Your not going to pay to use the equipment, of oversubscribed gyms you may need to wait for your turn to use the equipment! (no need to share equipment at AM).
Here at AM, We are a prestige CrossFit box, that offer tailored made programs, created by our owner and head coach (Tim Doonan). Each tailor made workout is guided by our highly qualified coaches in each class.