Athletic Movement

Summer is coming!

A lot of talk about “summer bodies” and trying to achieve the aesthetic look you desire. I have come across this blog post from true protein and I could not have said it better myself.

Below here I have copied and pasted an extract from the article which I think will be nice to put some minds at ease during the transition into summer! Check it out!

How To Lose Fat

To burn fat you need to gain muscle. Why? Because when you lose weight by purely doing cardio that weight will come right back when you stop the cardio because there is no muscle mass to keep the weight off. Don’t worry, it is actually really hard for athletes to gain large amounts of muscle and appear bulky so this won’t happen if you start lifting weights. Also, remember that as you lose weight and fat your body starts to shrink and the skin will sag if there is no muscle keep it firm. Think of it like this, if your body has a layer of fat around it and as you start to shed the fat layer the space between your body and skin becomes empty which causes the skin to sag. If you fill that space in between with a lean thin layer of healthy muscle you will appear fit and firm! Strength training is key to achieve the healthy body you are looking to have!