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Active Recovery

Let’s talk active recovery and also recovery.

No doubt everyone gets sore/tired from the gym. It happens. Truth is, if your not every once in a while your proberly not going hard enough. 
Active Recovery, a form or method of exercise aim to reduce muscle soreness, flush out waste product and keep the body limber and feeling strong. How to do active Recovery?: my forms of active Recovery include mainly, assault bike and rowing. Both are low skill, low impact and highly effective forms or recovery. My usual go to, is some sort low impact interval or a long slow distance ride or Row. Eg: 3x1000m Row 1:30 Rest between.
I use these to keep my body moving and get the blood pumping on my sore days. Also accessory work. Eg Shoulder stability, Banded exercises, Strict DB work and core work. This helps keep my joints and muscles working together like a well oiled machine.

Recovery: I believe there are 3 main factors to recovery:
1-Sleep: are you getting 8 hours sleep? Think of your self a Wolverine (except not as cool) when he gets injured or in a fight he heals straight away. Sleeping allows our body to do that in a less extreme way. When your body is fully at Rest it can start healing muscle fibres/tendons/joints and the mind after training.

2-Food: Do you realise what you eat has an impact on your recovery? High sugar food promote inflammation which if your beat up from a workout or city to surf or some sort of activity, sugar will only blow up muscle, joints, and tendons whilst trying to recover (which isn’t a good thing). High lean protein foods help repair muscle fibres post training.

3-Massage/Stretch/Foam Roll: Ever heard a long muscle is a strong muscle? The shorter the muscle, the tighter the muscle the more chance of injury. If your like me and suck a DIY massage because it’s to painful then get someone else to loosen up tight spots. Remember always massage towards your heart to get Lactic acid out of the muscle and dispurse it around the body. Make sure to drink plenty of water to help flush it!

Hope this helps!

Coach Doons

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